This project was to study and redesign Bamboo Paper, a note-taking application for the iPad. This application is developed by client Wacom. As a team of four, we did a usability test to evaluate the current UX and based on our findings, we presented a new idea for enhancement.


UX Design




Case Study

User Insights

  • Users often get lost when switching between different drawing tools.
  • Users are unfamiliar with features that require gestures.

Design Goals

  • Make frequently used drawing tools more accessible for users.

The idea is a follow-up menu always at the right down corner of your last touch, it reduces the distance for reaching the menu with a stylus. We tested the idea with a group of users, the result proved to be 30% efficient in speed.

Learn from usability testing.

I've learned to better conduct usability tests at different stages of design, by giving clear instructions, constructing the right questions. we get better data points from user feedback and observations. There's no right answer to an interview question, it depends on how you interpret it and translate it into concrete user insights.

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