Glow has 4 apps Eve by Glow, Glow, Glow Nurture, Glow Baby ranging from period to parenting. The apps encourage users to log their health data and reward them with personalized tips and insightful content. It also has an active online community for women’s health.


UIUX Design




I took the lead designer role in different products and features development. For each design cycle, I started with translating people problems into clear design goals, use different prototyping tools to articulate concepts and solutions, validate ideas with different stakeholders and execute the design on the pixel level.

Case Study

User Insights

  • Users tend to log less data overtime
  • Users don’t get it why they need to log their health data every day

Design Goals

  • Reward logging instantly and with relevance.
  • Educate the benefits of logging and form habits.

Instant insights popups right after the user log some data.

A visual representation of today’s health awareness and weekly progress.

With user flow and prototypes made, I then exchange ideas and concepts with different stakeholders to make sure the design is easy to use, tech-wise feasible and align well with the product goals, then I polish the design into pixel mockups and prepare the specs for developers.

Design is not done when you launched it.

I track the performance by key metrics like log rate, average log numbers, Long term retention, etc. I also keep an eye on user reviews and user testing feedback to iterate my design and make continuous improvements.

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