A dynamic lighting and audio device was developed to help grandparents promote bonding with their grandchildren from far away. The Memoshell and its related services are designed to store voice clips for children it aims to promote bonding regardless of time or cultural differences.


Product Design





This is a 6 months internship at Philps Lighting in Eindhoven, I'm told to tackle one interesting problem of my choice that can be empowered with advanced lighting technology. As a foreign student, I took the direction of promoting long-term and intimate bonding between child and distant grandparents through intelligent lighting innovation.

Case Study

A design process from user research to ideation, prototyping and concept validation.

Design for emotions.

Bonding is a vague concept, hard to measure and design, the shape of a shell implies the action of listening, and long-lasting memories. The sound and light synchronized together as an attempt to create a delightful experience for distant bonding.

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