High end vaping is a niche and high margin market that has existed over a decade. TINY set its mission to become a well-known designer brand and bring high-quality design and truly customizable experience for vape enthusiasts.


Product Design





I founded the company in 2018, started as a hobby to design a vape mod for myself. With my original design revealed in the vape community, the product quickly become popular among the vape enthusiasts. TINY was also invited to the biggest vape event Vapexpo at Las Vegas in 2018.

Case Study

User Insights

  • Regulated squonk mods are big and heavy, and doesn’t look sexy.

Design Goals

  • Reinvent and make the structure smaller.
  • Modularized the components, allow customization.

A unique internal structure design (patented) allowing the most compact form and without sacrificing usability.

Designing a tangible product is no different than designing a digital product nowadays, due to the efficiency of 3d modeling, and 3d prototyping, I can quickly evaluate ideas with end-users, also being the end-user myself, I can empathy better on the pain points and improve with creative solutions.

A balance between design-driven and business-driven.

By presenting my design early in the community, I have already gathered the leads in email. Thus I know my product fits a need and can generate profit from day one, although the high-end vape market is still small, and there are many uncertainties like regulations, the product still reached a quarter of a million US dollars in revenue within one and a half years.

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